Traffic Offences

At Liberty Law our lawyers frequently represent clients in traffic charges from careless driving, drink driving, dangerous/reckless driving causing death or injury, through to vehicular murder.

When considering traffic charges our priority is to examine the evidence carefully to identify positive defences to the charge. This may mean visiting the scene of the incident and enlisting the assistance of an experienced crash analyst to conduct an examination of the scene and vehicles involved.

In crash cases our lawyers have access to, and regularly consult with, our associated crash investigator Mr Todd McCormack of New Zealand Crash Investigators ( He has the experience and equipment to conduct an examination of the scene and vehicles involved. He can conduct friction tests on the road surface, and determine the speeds and the direction of travel of vehicles involved.

Using all the tools available, our lawyers are well armed to provide our clients with the best possible representation when conducting a defended hearing on their behalf.

If there are no defences available, or if a client decides to enter a guilty plea, our lawyers are skilled in achieving good results on sentencing.

This may include making submissions that there are “special reasons relating to the offence” to avoid disqualification (under section 94 Land Transport Act 1998).

Where a client has previously been disqualified, our lawyers are skilled in presenting submissions to avoid further disqualification pursuant to Section 81 of the Land Transport Act 1998.

We can also endeavour to ensure that clients can retain their driving licences, or if this is not possible, to obtain a limited licence to enable them to travel to and from work.