Summary Hearings

Criminal charges are either summary or indictable. A summary hearing means a hearing that is either presided over by a judge or a justice of the peace alone, and it is generally of a less serious nature than an indictable offence.

Summary hearings cover many offences set out in the Crimes Act, Land Transport Act, Misuse of Drugs Act, and Summary Offences Act, to name a few.

While summary charges may not be at the most serious end of the criminal spectrum, at Liberty Law we realise that for our clients, they are of deep concern.

We understand that for our clients the best possible outcome is the prime consideration, and we are experienced in all aspects of summary matters. We can expertly guide our clients through the battlefield that is the process of criminal law.

Should a client wish to defend a charge or charges, at Liberty Law we ensure that their case is well prepared for the hearing, including all the research, summonsing and briefing of the witnesses, obtaining of expert evidence (if applicable), and preparation of clients to withstand the rigours of giving evidence and being cross examined.

We will always act in our client’s best interests and will use skilled advocacy to achieve the best outcome for them.