At Liberty Law Barristers we have a vast range and depth of experience in appeal applications to the High Court and Court of Appeal. Our experience includes appealing against the refusal to grant bail, appeals against pre-trial rulings, appeals against conviction and sentence, as well as applications for name suppression, to name a few.

We are able to advise our clients on the merits of their application and complete the necessary forms detailing the issues in dispute.

When making an appeal against an order of a lower Court there are various documents and information required to be completed and filed before a higher Court will hear an appeal application.

Once an initial application for an appeal has been lodged and accepted by the Appellant Court, a hearing date will be set down for the appeal to be heard. Further written submissions are required to be filed in advance of the hearing date. Normally such submissions will include detailing the legal basis for the appeal by quoting the issue or issues of concern and providing the Court with other legal decisions which support the argument that is to be advanced.

Issues that normally arise in appeals are matters such as the judge departing from leading decisions set down by a Higher Court which have led to a manifestly excessive sentence or adverse ruling, or a judge err in law and in fact, or irrelevant considerations taken into account and a lack of consideration for other issues that were advanced at the hearing.

Once in the Appeals Court, the applicant or their counsel is asked to advance an oral application based on the written application that was filed in advance of the hearing date.

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