Auckland Lawyers

The legal system in New Zealand is changing, and at Liberty Law we are redefining the way lawyers operate within it.

We view the courtroom as a battlefield, and we know our place on that battlefield is to defend those that society deems punishable. To ensure a fair battle, we make certain our lawyers are equipped with the latest knowledge, skills and technology.

By using internet applications like Skype to improve our customer service, and high-end mobile technologies and hardware to improve our business processes, we are offering clients a far more advanced, streamlined and attentive legal service than has ever been offered before, without the need to increase the cost.

We also ensure that all our legal professionals stay up-to-date on the latest legal issues. We do this by hosting and attending regular seminars and training sessions that help to develop the knowledge and skill base of each of our lawyers.

We are dedicated to creating a strong team of lawyers who operate in the busiest courts in the country, and who offer clients the best possible representation, advocacy and outcome.